Ethical principles of Millivolt

The ethical principles and values of Millivolt GmbH are important to us. This document contains key principles to which we are committed, by which we measure ourselves and to which we adhere.

Equal treatment of all people
Every person is unique and special. We want to promote individuality and value sincerity, honesty and reliability. At Millivolt, all people have the same value, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, skin colour, nationality or religion. We support the practice of religions with a peaceful background to the best of our ability.

There is no discrimination in the workplace
Recruitment and working relationships are based on equal opportunities, regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, political affiliation, nationality, social origin, disability or handicap.

Rejection of corruption
We do not bribe and will not be bribed. Millivolt loves competition and likes to measure itself against the competition in the market because we are convinced of the quality of our products. We only want to win orders in a lawful manner; we strictly reject any unethical behaviour.

Environmentally conscious, resource-conserving and sustainable
The earth is the basis for future generations. We see it as our responsibility to preserve this valuable resource. We have anchored sustainability in our corporate behaviour and take a conscious approach to our environment. We encourage our employees, customers and partners to spur us on and work with us to secure the future of the planet.

About us

Products and services related to measurement, control and regulation technology as well as process control software for the heat treatment industry


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Millivolt GmbH: Gmuender Straße 23, 73072 Donzdorf

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