RLC 01 Reference air controller

  • Control of the reference air volume and the purge air volume for an oxygen probe by means of stepless modulation of the pumps
  • Generation, storage and display of fault signals in the event of a deviation from the specified set points for reference air volume and purge air volume
  • Detection of a loosened reference air connection on the probe
  • By control of the flow rates and recognizing a decrease in pump output, the use of commercially available, inexpensive pumps is possible without risk.
  • Separate pumps for reference air and purge air prevent measurement errors due to a leaky purge air valve.

    Back side

  • Network interface with Modbus / TCP protocol to provide all setpoints, measured values and fault signals to a higher-level system, with MQTT protocol for integration in IIOT environments and web server for easy configuration and visualization.
  • Supply with 230V AC max. 250 mA
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