SSK Oxygen probe for Carburizing processes

SSK Oxygen probe SSK 01

The oxygen probe for the most difficult applications

  • Robust, reliable oxygen probe even for the most difficult applications such as high temperatures and high carbon level
  • Consistently modular design
  • Maintenance by the manufacturer but also possible by the user self
  • Low operating costs based on long life
  • Mechanical cleaning mechanism to minimize drift and increase tool life
  • Delivery with test certificate for both new device and after maintenance
  • Protective tube in metallic design made of special alloy with coating for passivation to increase the service life
  • Ceramic protection tube (especially for high operating temperatures in horizontal installation situations)
  • Available in various lengths between 400 mm and 2000 mm
  • Easy exchange using a wide range of industry-standard connectors




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Sauerstoffsonde SSK 02

The oxygen probe for very high measuring accuracy

  • With closed zirconium dioxide tube (ZrO2)
  • Suitable for the processes: Gas carburising, case hardening, carbonitriding, neutral hardening and tempering
  • Non-catalytic effect
  • Very high measuring accuracy
  • Low operating costs based on long service life
  • Supplied with test report both for new devices and after maintenance
  • Available in various lengths between 500 mm, 700 mm, 800 and 900 mm
  • Easy replacement thanks to a wide range of industry-typical plug connectors



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The oxygen probe SSK01 / SSK02 is used to determine the carbon level (C level) in industrial furnaces for processes such as gas carburizing, case hardening, hardening etc. The measurement is carried out in situ.

The probe is characterized by its robustness, reliability, durability and modular structure. It is therefore especially suitable for measuring furnace atmospheres at high temperatures and high carbon levels. The measured probe voltage EMF corresponds to the Nernst voltage and can be converted into a carbon level in a connected evaluation electronics.

Probe test and test report
Before delivery, each probe is tested in a test oven under a test atmosphere based on a temperature measurement. The test includes a functional test and a quantitative check to determine:
-Deviation in the probe signal
-Impedance of the probe (state of the zirconium oxide tip)
-Deviation in temperature
-Reaction to missing reference air (tightness)
The probe is supplied with a test report.

Repairs and spare parts
The maintenance of the probe can be done by the manufacturer but also by the operator himself. All parts are also available as spare parts.

Model selection
The probe is available in different designs and lengths, with different thermocouple types and with different connectors.


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