PLS Process Control Software for Heat Treatment

  • Plant Visualization, Process Documentation and Alarm Handling.
  • Any number of furnaces and furnace lines can be connected.
  • Based on a modern open source database system.
  • Consists of server components for field communication, process management, system control and connection to higher-level systems and operating software.
  • Runs under MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • User management for the activation of functions, login with user name and password.

  • Unlimited number of workstations can be connected.
  • Simple user guidance through configurable main menu

  • Plant related recorder function for all quantities to be recorded such as temperatures, atmospheric parameters such as C level and Nitriding potential as well as media flows, pressures, etc.
  • Recorder function with user-friendly navigation, zoom function and ruler function.

  • Batch-related recording of the process parameters
  • Production Log  with convenient search functions.

  • Printout of heat treatment certificates

  • Batch contents (part number, serial numbers, etc.) can also be documented.
  • Convenient configuration of the entire system.

  • Customer-specific extensions are possible.
  • Complete software development in Germany by experienced staff.
  • Other planned functions:
    – Programmer function / program editing function
    – Program download function on Siemens S7 and other hardware
    – Batch-related documentation of laboratory values
    – Connection to higher-level systems such as ERP, AMS, etc.
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