SM 01 Sensor Module


Currently the trend changes, to control furnaces completely with PLC without special control devices.
We take this into account with the sensor module which enables nitriding potential control and online calculation of carbon diffusion at PLC level.

The device is suitable for integration in PLC controls for new systems or modernizations, but also for retrofitting in existing controls with conventional controllers.

  • Sensor module for top hat rail mounting
  • Available in different versions:
    – As a module for connecting an oxygen probe
    – for carburizing processes with C level – calculation
    and carbon diffusion calculation with target size control
    – for gas nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes with KN / KC / KO calculation
    – for annealing processes with dew point calculation (down to -120 ° C)
  • 24V DC supply, max. 100 mA
  • Inputs / outputs:
    1 x EMF oxygen probe signal 0 – 1600 mV, input impedance typically 800 MΩ, 24-bit resolution
    1 x thermocouple input, type configurable, resolution 19 bit
    1 x analog input 0/4 – 20 mA, resolution 24 bit
    (the three analog inputs are isolated from the supply voltage and isolated from each other)
    2 x analog output 0/4 – 20 mA, resolution 16 bit
    2 x digital output 24 V, 250 mA, short-circuit proof
    1 x Ethernet, Modbus / TCP slave, and MQTT protocol, web server for configuration
  • Easy integration into any automation environment possible

Application examples

Configuration via integrated web server

Connection diagram

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